Crystal Water Bottle | Luna

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Discover one of nature’s most fascinating secrets with this gem water bottle. Indulge yourself in an age-old tradition that will make you enjoy water like never before. As the name suggests, Luna is strongly connected to the energy of the moon, making it first and foremost, a women’s stone. In traditional healing practices, it is used to help strengthen a woman’s intuitive sense, open the heart, & to get in balance with the natural cycles of life. Wise women know about the effects of the moon on their bodies. Vibrating with the light of a full moon, rainbow moonstone provides a reflective, calming energy. Even men are said to benefit from empowering their gentler, more feminine side.

Dimensions: 8.9″H x 2.7″D.

Volume: 16.9 fl.oz.

Check out our Gem Water Book to learn how to prepare & use crystal elixirs for therapeutic remedies.

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