Full Moon Offerings Smudge Gift-Set

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Revive your scared space with our Smudge Full Moon Offerings Gift-Set. This box comes with 2 small altar candles* made from 100% Beeswax and natural dyes. Full Moon Bees wax herbal torch is perfect for smudging the bad energy and setting your intentions. For example, smudging your home can repel negative energies, combats allergens, bacteria, dander as well as mold in the air.

Black tourmaline & Quartz crystals are a must during a full moon ritual/cleanse. Tourmaline is a wonderful grounding stone, making this stone a great choice to use in a full moon cleanse. The power of black tourmaline offers protection to your energy, and brings your energies back down to earth. While you are anxious and stressed out you are most likely not grounded!. Quartz is a great crystal to use, as it’s known as the “master healer”. As a full moon tool Quartz has the power to elevate & carry out heavy energies. The included Palo Santo sticks smudge away energies brought up from using your sage smudge torch, providing a cleansing aroma.

*(This Full Moon Offerings Smudge Gift-Set will receive a 2 candle set of our choosing. If you have a preference please look at the picture of the candle sets in the gallery & let us your preference in the order notes. There are 5 options. We will do our best to accommodate based on availability.)

Do you want more self-care during the full moon? Don’t miss our Full Moon Offering Soak Gift Set!

The full moon light will charge any & all of your crystals. Be sure to set your crystals in the window sill or outside under the full moon light.


Check out some of these self-care practices to add into your monthly moon rituals!

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