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Indulge yourself with our Full Moon Offerings Soak Gift-Set. Each box comes with a Rose + Cardamom bath soak, designed to help you release & celebrate yourself. Each jar holds a moon charged moonstone crystal to enliven your energy & your intentions. Draw a bath on full moon day, add the soak and your moonstone crystal and relax into the moment.

You will receive a small raw smudge stick, 2 palo santo smudge sticks and an amethyst pocket stone. Smudge away the negative energy in your home & life with both the sage and palo santo. Palo Santo stand for “Holy Wood” and is used to repel the negative energy that is brought forward after a sage smudge. Simply light the sticks, blow out the flame and use the smoke to erase bad energy. The Amethyst, is a stone that is know for helping you connect with your intuition & higher self. The powerful stone aids in calming and detoxifying, and is perfect for those who want to go deep during their full moon ritual.

See our Full Moon Offerings Smudge Gift Set Here.

The full moon light will charge any & all of your crystals so be sure to set them in the window sill or outside under the moon light.


Check out some of these self-care practices to add into your monthly rituals!

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