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Full Moon Offerings | August

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Prepare for your full moon ritual with our Full Moon Offerings Set. For the month of August there will be 2 full moons, so we are offering 2 options for your boxes! August 1st will be the Sturgeon Moon. named because of the giant fish that were abundant in the Great Lakes called sturgeon. This fish is said to symbolize Depth & strength. What a great time to dive in & revisit or create goals & see how far you have come thus far in the year. The second Full moon is August 30/31st, & is a Full Blue Moon & will be the closet moon to the Earth of 2023.

Our Soak Full Moon Box comes with a Rose + Cardamom bath soak, designed to help you release & celebrate yourself.  Each jar comes with a moon charged moonstone crystal to aid you & your intentions. Draw a bath on full moon day, add the soak and your moonstone crystal and relax into the moment. You will receive a small raw smudge stick, 2 palo santo smudge sticks and an amethyst pcoket stone. Smudge away the negative energy in your home & life with both the sage and palo santo. Palo Santo stand for “Holy Wood” and is used to repel the negative energy that is brought forward after a sage smudge. Simply light the sticks, blow out the flame and use the smoke to erase bad energy. The Amethyst, is a stone that is know for helping you connect with your intuition & higher self. The powerful stone aids in calming and detoxifying, and is perfect for those who want to go deep during their full moon ritual.


Our Smudge Box comes with 2 small altar candles* made from 100% Beeswax & natural dyes. Full Moon Bees wax herbal torch is perfect for smudging the bad energy & setting your intentions. Not only will smudging your home repel negative energies, but they are great to combat allergens, bacteria, dander & mold that is in the air, while providing a cleansing aroma. Black tourmaline & Quartz crystals are a must during a full moon ritual/cleanse. Tourmaline is a wonderful grounding stone, making this stone a great choice to use in a full moon cleanse. The power of black tourmaline offers protection to your energy, and brings your energies back down to earth (when you are anxious & stressed out you are most likely not grounded!). Quartz is always a great crystal to use, as it’s known as the “master healer”, but as a full moon tool it has the power to elevate & carry out heavy energies. Palo Santo sticks are included in this box as well, so smudge away the energies brought up from using your sage smudge torch.

*(This box will receive a 2 candle set of our choosing. If you have a preference please look at the picture of the candle sets in the gallery & let us your preference in the order notes. There are 5 options. We will do our best to accommodate based on availability.)

The full moon light will charge any & all of your crystals so be sure to set them in the window sill or outside under the moon light.

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